• Hello. I wanted to ask you a question.

    What happened first and what after? Frozen- Frozen Fever-Olafs Frozen Adventure-Frozen Nothern Lights-Once Upon A Time- Frozen 2

    Which of the above are canon in history and which are not?

    I hope that with your extensive knowledge you can explain it to me. Thank you

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    • Hi

      I'll give this a try... I am fairly confident of the following, for reasons I can explain if you wish.

      The order is:


      Olaf's Frozen Adventure

      Frozen Fever

      Frozen takes place in July, whatever the year is - it's not important, it just serves as a reference point in relation to everything else. OFA takes place on their first Christmas back together, so just after this. FF is Anna's first birthday to be celebrated after the events of Frozen, which takes place in June on the Summer Solstice, so will be the succeeding year.

      I cannot say with any confidence when Frozen: Northern Lights takes place because (a) I have not seen it fully and (b) from what I have seen it just seems like a post-Frozen light-hearted series, the timing of the events having no real bearing or consequences for the films and shorts. The same goes for any of the books, such as the Journey to the Northern Lights series.

      As for OUAT, this is not canon and does not take place on the same timeline, hence the lack of content concerning it on this Wiki.

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