I'm glad you'd like to know more. :) Some of the details were a little foggy, but I'll try my best. ^^ The Frozen Wiki was created by founder Littlerat1 in December of 2013 and was advertised around the Wikia network, so that's how I found it and researched about the characters. The pages at the time were copied and pasted from the Disney Wiki, so I decided to step in and perhaps fix that. They had really loose regulations on here, almost anything went. There was fanart on the home page, as I recall, an admin named AwesomeOrange was an admin on both the Frozen Disney Wiki and the Frozen Wiki.

I also checked around the Frozen Disney Wiki but was more active on this one, so I don't really know the happenings on there. But I do remember that they mentioned merging, but that was just a thought that had been scrapped. In January 2014, I became a rollback and a while later, an admin. AwesomeOrange was the user who promoted me. Aside from AwesomeOrange, the only previous admins I remember were Evanf and NinjaFatGuy. NinjaFatGuy helped with the merge that spanned two to three weeks in April, but that also meant demoting some admins. I remained an admin, Bella and (Dani) became admins along with Dragonboy who was promoted as rollback then to admin, but the majority of the admins from the Frozen Wiki were demoted due to their behavior on other wikis and past history. But now, I will specify the reasons as I see that Dragonboy hasn't yet:

Evanf was demoted because of his behavior, but still kept his bureaucrat rights because only he could demote himself. We tried to persuade him to I'll explain more on that a little later because this was dragged on for longer than we'd hoped.

In around March, Evanf and AwesomeOrange had a falling out. AwesomeOrange was the one who wrote the thread with a poll to the community about demoting the other, but that also affected his reputation as an admin. This thread was almost as if an act of AwesomeOrange's impulse, but he didn't consult with us about this so it was rather unprofessional. It was deleted by Evanf. Not too long after that, AwesomeOrange was demoted because of his non-promising attitude and inactivity on this wiki.

NinjaFatGuy soon left the department after the merge was successful and all that was needed to be settled was settled.

After the merge, we decided to disable anonymous users from contributing here due to vandalism and rude comments. From May onwards, we were mostly planning for the summer and admin chat meetings. Things ran quite smoothly until we soon noticed that Evanf's bureaucrat rights needed some dealing with (again). An attempt in July didn't work, but in August we finally had the issue resolved. 

In around late 2014 I became inactive due to school and personal reasons but came back a little while later.

If things were a little messy in this post let me know and I'll clarify things a bit more if need be. :)

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