"Unmeltable Me" is a deleted song from the 2019 animated Disney film, Frozen II, sung by Olaf (Josh Gad).


<poem> Olaf: Hello, hello And welcome to my show Yes, I'm belting Well, not melting Even though I'm made of snow Perhaps you may recall I once needed my own flurry But now you need not worry

Who can handle this enormous candle? Unmeltable me Who's not sweating this sweltering setting? Unmeltable me

Yes, Elsa's powers grew And it's a whole new situation Because of our relation I now have self-refrigeration

Who is present, but not liquescent?

That's right, I just learned to read And I like the big words

Unmeltable me Who's super cuddly and not all puddly? Unmeltable me Who's inexhaustible, un-defrostable Humble and fun? It's unmeltable

Oh, thank goodness you're here Grab a seat Just about to bring it on home


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