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Lonely Anna
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Reason given: It's summer now and I don't want to be a procrastinator or anything like that - however, I've got a lot of work to do at home (box packaging for my dad's company) right now and I'll get back to anyone on a thread/message board if they need me. I doubt I'll be a frequent editor here at this time, but maybe soon. Maybe? But please know that I check on the wiki activity a lot and fix up edits if necessary. That's about it. Anyways, catch me on the Ever After High Wiki if you have any further questions. I'm an admin and more active on there so a chat wouldn't hurt. :)
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Hi there. :) I'm a 15-year-old student studying in Hong Kong, and English was my first language. I'm able to understand and read Chinese, and a little bit of Japanese and French. My dream is to become a somewhat renowned doctor around the area, or have multiple jobs I'm fascinated in. I'm into anime (recommendations, anyone?) and fairytales, also fashion. I'm kinda immature sometimes, so...we can fangirl together xD

Favorite Quotes From Favorite Characters

"You're related to soup, admiral."
— My favorite quote on Earth from Alice: Madness Returns, by Alice Liddell.

— Sasha Blouse from AOT

"Fight, and win."
— Eren from AOT

Favorite Protagonists

  • My all time favorite, Alice from Alice: Madness Returns. ;) ...and all the other Alices.
  • Coraline, my childhood hero. Plus we're both left-handed and Coraline is my favorite ever movie. :D
  • Fetch from Infamous: First Light, because...why not? XD
  • Anna from Frozen. :)
  • I've recently gone to lovelovelove Eren Yeager. He's adorable! (I'm not sure if Sasha's a protagonist or not but I LOVE HER SO MUCH I want potatoes now...and many others in AOT)
  • Edward Elric. :)) also cute.
  • Not sure if this is gonna count since he gives me a little bit of a titular-ish feel, but Ciel Phantomhive.

Stuff you need to know

First and foremost, please know that I may be inactive at some points, so please bear with me. Also, I'm always up for a talk with anyone here. Whether it's a problem they'd like to address, drop a message on my wall. ^^ I like food (pancakes, pizza, ice cream, spring rolls, hash browns...) and I've recently really been captivated with anime (mostly gory ones; sorry not sorry). My favorites so far are in the following order (but I'm not a weeaboo xD):

  1. Attack on Titan - some say it's overrated, others are defensive, then there's me, a potato in the corner obsessing over the manga and whatnot. I seriously devote myself to this anime, it really helps me get through hardships. :)
  2. Noragami - Surprise, surprise! :D New one on the list which I instantly fell in love with. Not only does this feature both Eren and Levi's voice actors from AOT, but the female protagonist (Hiyori Iki) is sooo kawaii <3
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist - I absolutely fell in love with the Elric Brothers. They're pretty relatable to me, so I kept my eyes glued to the screen!
  4. Parasyte - an anime that shows people what love and mercy is. It's a really compassionate and thrilling one to watch! I miss it so much...THE ENDING BROUGHT ME TO TEARS
  5. Black Butler - few things: Ciel's my other crush right now (tied with Levi 兵長), funny, dramatic, serious...ahhh it's a bucket full of fruitfulness in this anime. :D
  6. Ouran High School Host Club - probably the only romantic comedy-genre anime that I'll ever bring myself up to watch. The characters are so dreamy~
  7. Death Parade - Mysterious characters and a happy-go-lucky theme song that's utterly a lie (plot twist—okay, okay; not really you can pretty much see through the title already). ;-; the feels are at its peak in this anime. I WAS LITERALLY CRYING AHAHAHAH
  8. My Little Monster - ^ I take that back from what I said about OHSHC. This is the second romantic comedy shōjo I'm watching, and it's pretty good thus far. It's so quirky and adorable. ^^ The ships are REAL
  9. Future Diary - a little gore and blood here and there, but the plot line's really interesting, kinda like Hunger Games, but the characters fight with special diaries on their cellphones.
  10. Blue Exorcist - I'm a bit bummed out that they didn't continue with a season 2. :( Season 1 was actually really good, and I loved all the characters and every episode.

Okay now time for lunch now byebye :)

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