• Delete images that are in violation of policy
    • Essentially done; maybe a straggler here or there.
  • Go through videos on the Wiki for deletion
    • In progress ... mostly done

Article content

  • Sandbox, for reference
  • Ensure all pages adhere to the guidelines set forth by the manual and replace pages with 100% original content. In progress:
    • Songs
    • Cast & Crew
    • Deleted content – just the deleted songs left, I believe
    • Books
    • See here for current progress on rewrites
  • Require major revisions:
  • Create new pages:
    • Events – Mostly done


  • Fix featured articles section on home screen – Low priority for now
  • Image categorization – In progress
    • Still need categories for songs
  • Remove red links from list generated here
    • Mostly done
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