aka Claudia

  • I live in Hong Kong SAR
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

My name is Claudia and I live in Hong Kong SAR, China. I LOVE Frozen and my favourite song is Let it Go you could call me girly and you also could call me a gamer girl either way, my favourite character in Frozen is Elsa because she has cool ice powers and she sacraficed having fun in her childhood to protect Anna. My favourite food has got to be candy (Yum!) and my hobbies are Dancing, Singing, Taekwondo, Ballet, Ice Skating, Roller Skating and you could say watching Frozen over and over again! If you want me to use this font or others, message me and I can help you with HTML!

My favorite pages

​What I'm like

I have HUGE Hazel Eyes (My friends say stop it when I'm looking at them and I don't know why probably this), Long, Curly Black hair and I am Chinese. My favourite movie is Frozen (Duh!) and my favourite TV series is Hunter x Hunter (2011). My fave (I'm tired of typing favourite XD) book series is Dork Diaries and my fave sports are....... IDK never thought of it XD I have a Youtube channel but it sucks and I will be putting it up here when it doesn't suck and I have cool stuff on it. Plus, I'm very, VERY talkative.

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