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Hello, my name is Humphry02, but you can just call me Humphry. I am an editor on this Wiki, here to ensure that there is an official medium through which all information on Frozen can be reached through. If you have any queries feel free to post them on my wall.

This user cannot express his love for Frozen simply through words, and definitely not in a box this size - innumerable pages and years will be required for that. Everything about the film is executed beautifully, from the themes, to the animation, the characters, the environments, and the music, plus so much more. Although the songs have had a huge impact, the rest of the soundtrack is just as wonderful, reflecting everything that is present in the film, through the power of music. The film is one of Disney's greatest; it is a huge milestone, and will continue to enthrall people of all ages for many years to come.

This user cannot wait for Frozen II . I have no idea what to expect, but the trailer was enthralling by showing what is to come without giving anything away. The film shows great promise in that Jennifer Lee has made a story to rival the first film.

This user has now seen Frozen Fever and was very impressed. It was such a great experience and there were so many elements that related back to the film that it was hard not to fall in love with it. The song is also great and has got me hooked, listening to it whenever I can. Here's to the future of Frozen!.

This user has now seen Olaf's Frozen Adventure . It was incredible, being everything I expected it to be and more. It developed the thoughts and emotions of the characters from the film, exemplifying everything the film stood for. I just hope it keeps the momentum going and sees us through the next two years until the sequel's release.

This user greatly admires and has a bit of a soft spot for Elsa because of her selflessness to protect those around her, sacrificing her own needs in doing so. After suppressing who she is for such a long time it is so wonderful when she is finally able to accept who she is and embrace it in all of her glory. Everything about her is awesome; her hair is beautiful, and her transformation is extremely empowering.

This user thinks that Anna is a very optimistic and bubbly person. She is who Elsa needs in order to be truly saved; Elsa may have now embraced who she is, but it takes Anna with her persistence and resilience to show Elsa how to love, and how to be happy, to be around others without the fear of hurting them. Anna gains the love of everyone she meets, and has the power to completely change people, bringing out their best. This is done none other than with Kristoff.

This user thinks that Kristoff is misunderstanding, yet still well meaning; he may seem cold and estranged at first, but as with Elsa, Anna helps him to find who he really is, and to see the good in others. He is also great because of his quick thinking and know-how, even in what may seem like a dire situation. It's so lovely how over the course of the film you see his personality go from guarded to affectionate.

This user loves Sven simply put, because he's so lovable. He has a unique relationship with Kristoff and is also incredibly strong and hardy, using these abilities to help those close to him. He does this especially in the case of saving Kristoff from falling into the icy waters of the fjord, showing showing how he is willing to put his friend's needs before his. He can also understand a situation extremely well, knowing that they should not give up on Anna's quest and also knowing how Kristoff felt towards Anna, even when Kristoff claimed not to.

This user has a liking towards Olaf mainly because of his naivety, being less of a hindrance, and more of a strength of his. He can see the world in an unpolarised manner, allowing for him to see things how they truly are. His message of love is a key to helping Elsa and Anna rekindle their bond, and he also made Anna see that Kristoff loves her.

This user finds Hans to be a cruel, and somewhat pretentious character, never seeing his actions from someone else's view. Yet he is also slightly intriguing. Although what he does, and would have done, doesn't bear thinking about and borders on evil, he is still very intelligent and initially comes across as a very appealing person. Not only does he have everybody fooled, but he also manages to change his plan as the situation develops, keeping them oblivious to his true intent.

Pages/edits to make

Olaf's Frozen Adventure

  • Characters
    • Elsa
    • Anna
    • Olaf
    • Kirstoff
    • Sven
    • Oaken
    • Kai
    • Wolves
    • Citizens of Arendelle
  • Places
    • New Hall
  • Events
    • Christmas
  • Music pages
  • Rolling the lefse (flat-bread)
  • Putting out porridge for tomte (little elves that keep the farms safe)
  • Making bordstabelbakkels (cookies)


  • Journey to the Lights
  • Anna's attire
  • Elsa's attire
  • Attire galleries - maybe just use galleries of respective characters
  • Ships
    • Speak of their use to arrive in Arendelle
    • How they were damaged and twisted in the fjord - try not to be speculative
    • Strength of the storm; weight of the ice and snow
  • Oaken's medicine/cold remedy - maybe a mention on his page
  • "Oaken's Cloakens" - could talk about as an extension of Oaken's Trading Post.
  • Anna's presents - where they were found
    • New Dress
    • Bracelet
    • Sandwich
    • Sunflowers
    • Model of the castle
    • Family Portrait
    • Firework hat
    • Wearable blanket
  • Development of characters
    • Link on character's main page
    • This is something that we are lacking but could easily have pages on.
    • Use references from other Wikis but also find our own. Also use our own format. The Art of Frozen is an excellent source of information.
  • Books
    • Anna & Elsa: Sisterhood is the Strongest Magic series
      • A Warm Welcome
        • Eldora, "the Summer Queen" - Sunny, extremely hot, dessert, fishing, houses made of sand, open market, hills of Eldora, sand storms, ice, trading
        • Queen Marisol
        • Citizens of Eldora - Omar, Kamal, Farah, Alvan
        • Wild Boars
      • The Great Ice Engine
        • Jarl - Oaken's great uncle, inventor
        • Stellan - an ice harvester
        • Lars - Oaken's mouse
        • The ice harvesters are Oaken's best customers
        • Ice engine - round holes - adapted by Jorgen's Forge blacksmiths to cut in straight lines.
  • Kingdoms
    • Zaria - King Stebor, Queen Renalia, middle eastern origin
    • Prized gardens, flowers that look like Olaf
    • Chatho - Queen Colisa, far eastern
    • Rainforests, sloths
    • Known for striking arts and relics
    • Vakretta - Elsa cooled the town down during one of its hottest summers
  • The Duke of Weselton has relatives in Vakretta - his mother's cousin's wife's nephew
    • Anna and Elsa purposely avoided Weselton on their tour
  • Midsummer parade
    • Elsa would lead the midsummer parade on a pony called Mister Waffles
    • When they were grown up Anna would lead the parade with Sven
  • Frozen Trading Card Game: Winter Magic
  • Two sticker collections; will find names later
  • Official Frozen magazine

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