Lightening McQueen

aka Callum

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on May 11
  • I am Male

Hello, I'm Lightening McQueen, and I am a big fan of Frozen as well as its main heroes. Additionally, I find Olaf's quote of not having a skull or bones a bit catchy. I even like playing Disney Infinity, so having Elsa use her powers on enemies, and play as either her or Anna alongside characters from my other favourite Disney franchise Cars.

I also like Frozen Fever as well as Cinderella, which I'm hoping to get the Blu-ray of Cinderella and Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection so to watch the short again on both of those, which Cinderella will be released on home video earlier in my country, the UK, on August 24 (rather than the US release of September 15), but the Short Films Collection is not available for pre-order in my country yet.

I enjoyed Olaf's Frozen Adventure, which I saw it along with the first movie, because the United Kingdom was not showing Coco until January 2018, when that film shows the special in the United States, and so, the United Kingdom was showing the special with the first Frozen film for just one weekend.

I absolutely loved Frozen II; it was as amazing as the first film!

My favorite pages

This user loves Frozen so much.

This user enjoyed Frozen Fever and Cinderella.

This user likes Anna and her relationship with Kristoff.

This user likes Elsa and has obsessions with braids.

This user likes Olaf and enjoys giving warm hugs.

This user likes Kristoff and his relationship with Anna.

This user likes Sven and carrots.

This user likes Hans before his reveal as a villain.

This user enjoyed Olaf's Frozen Adventure and saw it with the first Frozen movie in a UK cinema.

This user loves Frozen II as much as the first film.
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