aka Fleet Admiral Tato

  • I was born on January 18
  • I am Male
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Hello, I am The Alpha and the Omega. You can call me Tato, Alpha, or Omega for short. I like warships, spaceflight, science, Grand Theft Auto, and Frozen. I have a few mental disorders such as ADHD and Aspergers, so I am going to put this out here right now: I am a little...odd. And prone to sudden moodswings, temporary bouts of depression, and all that wonderful stuff. I also have an abnormally high tolerance to cold weather. Seriously, I can go out in freezing weather without a jacket and not feel a thing. It takes quite a bit of cold and wind and precipitation to get me to actually feel uncomfortable. I guess I am sort of like Elsa.

Hmm... I feel like I am forgetting a bunch of stuff, but I cannot think of it. Thats all for now.


Favorite Things About Frozen

I like everything about Frozen, especially "Let It Go" (I like to embrace my special abilities). I also like the weather in the story, since I love winter, I am a cold weather person, I do much better in very cold weather than I do in very warm weather, and I just really can't stand rediculously warm weather. BRING ON ZE COLD!

About Myself

Stuff I like/do:

  • play naval warfare games
  • play Grand Theft Auto
  • go stormchasing in real life. I go out in any severe storm, especially if there is a tornado or doppler radar indicates rotation within the storm. I also like to go out in hurricanes.
  • Enjoy the cold weather. I like to go outside on a subfreezing day without a coat because I like to show off a bit, and the weird looks I get from people are funny. I also shovel snow for money.
  • Go out in blizzards. Blizzards and big snowstorms are fun.
  • I like volcanoes and earthquakes. They are cool. Space is cool too.
  • I like nuclear weapons and scaring people by telling them just how easy it is to build one.
  • Spaceflight is something I am into. I even have plans to start my own space program because I want to launch missions and NASA is going too slow for me.
  • Watching Frozen and expanding the Frozen universe.
  • Planning to use my knowledge of nanotechnology, quantum mechanics and quantum physics, biology, chemistry, and high level mathematics to eventually give myself Elsa's powers from Frozen.

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