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This user loves Frozen II: Forest of Shadows I was honestly very surprised by this book and enjoyed everything about it. The main story was amazing with quite a few twists. It was cool to see semmingly obvious things change and disappear as quickly as they appeared. Best thing was the unexpected and very emotional ending that brought up all of the deep core topics. Not as important but certainly not less amazing were various scenes showing the characters from a slightly new perspective as well as various previously unknown facts.

In the end, I very much recommend this book to anyone who loves Frozen and it's characters.

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  • Update alies on character pages to include Frozen II characters.
  • Rewrite CSS to highlight admin usernames.
    • Preserve Heimr and Dragonboy in this as they are not demoted.

Things I can't reference

No known possible source

  • Story about Ahtohallan and the accident happened during the same night.

Frozen II: Forest of Shadows

  • Anna was inviting Arendelle visitors to tell her about their countries (Frozen II: Forest of Shadows, chapter 1)
  • Elsa's full name is seen somewhere in Frozen II: Forest of Shadows.
  • Frozen II: Forest of shadows, chapter 3. So much info. Will need a revisit.
  • Kai, ref 6. Reference is not precise. Partially replaced by ref 5.

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