Hello everyone, please try bothering yourselves to reading this extremely long blog post I'm about to write to everyone:

Okay, so... the hate on the most popular pages on the wiki, "Let It Go" and "Frozen" have been "raided" by hate, you could say. A LOT of people on YouTube and other social media sites (like Facebook, etc...) have been invading the comments section by saying stuff like "Frozen is a load of garbage... No difference to other Disney movies", and the one I hate most is just too straight: "I HATE FROZEN." Frozen teaches kids and everyone else a lesson to be who you are and embrace it, letting go of what hurts you the most, sisterly love, feminine power, and I could literally go on forever. The thing I really hate about the power of great fandoms and fans are that there's also great hate. I really HATE the power of hate, and it's really spreading. 

The only few words I have to say are "Wow." why do people even waste their time for hating on fandoms, fans and movies like this? This is really stupid. "Frozen Sucks!" everyone says, which really annoys me, and I'm sure it really annoys the other fans as well. This is just plain upsetting. 

So, please answer me this, haters who I presume are still stalking the blogs, and hating on Frozen: if you really do hate Frozen so much, why are the other people who like it still fighting for the movie, is it that bad as you say? Did you really learn nothing and why would you think this is really necessary to post anything this bad on other wikis? I really can't bear to reply and explain myself and tell haters to leave again. I'll just delete the comment next time I see one, at least that would delay the haters and anyone else from commenting for that time period.

"Haters can't respond to their own hate." :)

Frozen fans out there, please, be aware of this. 

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