After Reading too many articles and news about Frozen 2 I will Share my experience to you about Frozen 2 Movie that is going to be released in 2017 (early) or 2018 Maybe. I don't know the right date of announcement of Frozen 2. And after watching Frozen I think Disney will really made Frozen 2 Because Frozen is not full story and In Frozen 2.

In Frozen 2 Kristan Bell and Indina Menzel will be back and the same director Chris Buck and Jenifer lee will be in Frozen 2. People are making a lot of Fan Made Videos about Frozen 2 and Many Animators are saying that Jack Frost is Perfect match for elsa but I don't think.

There will be many things happen to Frozen 2 and I think it will be Happen cause Frozen is not a full story about Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, Sven, Olaf. Many People are saying there will be again Prince Hans in Frozen 2 for the love interest of elsa to win here heart but After watching the last scene of Frozen I think Prince Hans wants to kill Queen Elsa so why people are making that type of videos. Why elsa give her Heart to Hans and He wants to kill Her.

There will be many things happen in Frozen 2 :-

1) Elsa will Find her Love Interest

2) Prince Hans will be there again for Elsa Love Interest.

3) Anna and Kristoff Marry

4) There will be progress in the story of Anna and Kristoff.

5) Olaf will find his true love.

6) Jack Frost will be there.

7) There will be new villan of Areendelle 

And Some latest rumors are also there as Elsa and Anna are not sisters by Blood, Rapunzel is the true sister of Elsa or Anna. There will be Realationship between Ariel, Anna and Elsa and rapunzel and a very bad stupid rumor is that tarzen is the brother of elsa and anna. Seriously they only want to make the movie stupid.

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