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  • NucleoWolf

    Fanart and Fanfiction!

    December 17, 2018 by NucleoWolf

    If anyone is interested in seeing my Frozen fanart and/or reading my Frozen fanfiction, then here are the links to where you can:

    • Fanart:
    • Fanfiction:

    Note that not all of the fanart/fanfiction on these pages are Frozen-related, as I also have interest in some non-Frozen fandoms. 

    Anyway, let me know what you think of them!

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  • NucleoWolf

    In Frozen, Elsa remained single at the end of the movie, yet she had her sister Anna and was generally happier with her life. Elsa and Anna (who established a relationship with Kristoff, but prioritized her sister's life over her true love's kiss) showed that family is most important and that life is not all about romance. Elsa also showed the world that it is OK to be single and that you do not need romance to be happy; she learned to accept herself for who she is, and romance played no role in that. Giving Elsa a romantic love interest (boyfriend or girlfriend) would ruin these themes, as it would basically say: "forget what the first movie taught, you need romance to be happy." In addition, giving Elsa a romantic love interest (especiall…

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