Hello; this blog represents a personally rather urgent request to any Frozen fans of artistic talents and/or familiarity with Warcraft seeing this to create on my behalf a certain piece of fan art for the climactic ending of a video I'm making for my Moleman's Epic Rap Battles series, the script for which can be read in my other blogs on this site.

The image in question is Hans Westergard as The Lich King from Warcraft, sitting triumphantly on the Frozen Throne and with a red energy hue, as opposed to Arthas' blue and Bolvar's orange (though naturally closer to the latter than the former). He should be wearing a variation of his princely attire, rather than Arthas' armor besides the Helm of Domination, which of course must be visible. Frostmourne is optional for inclusion, though I would be most impressed if an amalgamation of it and Hans' sword were instead visible. Anyone moderately-or-more familiar with Warcraft and World of Warcraft should understand what these things are already; if interested but not familiar, please refer to the aforementioned links.

Anyone who provides such an image will be credited in the video and potentially eligible for fulfillment of other requests made to me.

Please comment here and/or contact me on my message wall if at all interested in any part of this proposition.

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