Before you read this, please know that because some of the ideas are originally from Disney's Frozen, I give half the credit to Disney for this story. I hope you like it, it took me about three months to get it all down after generating the ideas from my head. the *s are the beginning of a new part of the story, and will obviously be at the beginning. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Frozen: Rage of the Fire King

*“Uncle Tony, Uncle Tony! Come on, it’s time for bed!” Tonio was deep in his thoughts when his niece and nephew reminded him what time it was, “Alright, I’m coming.” Every night, Tonio told the twins a story, and they loved all his stories; stories about kings and queens, dragons, pirates, and much more. Tonio carried the wooden, rocking chair he was sitting in to their bedroom; each had their own positions on either side of the room. Tonio placed his chair between their beds, and tucked them into bed. He sat down and was ready, “What story would you like to hear?” They started arguing between each other; his niece wanted to hear stories about queens, princesses, and ‘civilized’ stories, while her brother wanted to hear stories about kings, dragons, pirates, and ‘uncivilized’ stories. They continued to argue till their Uncle stopped them, “Enough, how about ‘the Story of Fire’?” The nephew’s interests roused, “What’s it about?” The niece was also interested, “Ya, it sounds nice.” Tonio was more than willing to say, “It is about the long lost prince who disappeared after his home had burned to the ground.” They both agreed, “We want to hear it, Uncle Tonio!” “Ok, ok. Let’s see, how about we start on his seventeenth birthday?” They just wanted to hear the story, so Tonio started, “Alright, let’s begin.”

*Four years before the coronation at Arendelle, in the kingdom of la Estrella en Ascenso, a day of celebration had arrived; this day was Prince Antonio Andrew Fénix Barreto’s seventeenth birthday. Antonio had short, dark-brown hair, hazel eyes, and wore: a white cape, white jacket, blue inner shirt, white pants, and white boots. People from miles around came to be present at this event; some came to be happy that he has live another year, while others came to use him to gain profit. “Remember, it’s only today that this many people will be in the castle, try to hold it in.”, the King was trying to help remind Antonio what to do. However, Antonio was doubting himself, “But what if they find out? What if they ‘ignite’ my anger again? What if…” “Enough thinking like that, you are my son; I know you will be able to control it, no matter what. You remember what we said together, right?” “If you feel it, don’t conceal it; leave to a colder place to cool down.” The king smiled, “That’s right; now let’s go, your guests await you.” As they walked down the halls, servants were opening curtains and putting out candles. They were ordered to do so whenever the prince was to walk down the halls. Antonio, unlike everyone else, had a power unlike any other; he had the power to create and control fire since he was born. He was first able to use this power when he was five years old, and this power grew as he grew older. However, as a result of this power, he had a ‘short fuse’. If anyone were to make him angry, he would lose control and burn anything around him. His power couldn’t be contained, so the King and Queen thought it would be best to place him in a cold environment if he was to show signs of anger. However, even though he had more control over his flame as he aged, any fire he was near would intensify to a point it could burn anything around it. Eventually, the Prince and King had reached the Great Hall, also known as the Throne Room. Antonio recognized most of the people there, but there was a handful he had never laid eyes upon. The hours pass, the Prince had received many gifts, but the one he treasured most was the one given by his parents: a necklace which had a pendant with a flame engraved onto it. He immediately wore it around his neck upon receiving it. Talk among the new faces had reached Antonio’s ears; some he heard where trying to use him in their plans to get rich, this came as no surprise, and then forget about him, but others were talking foul language about him. From hearing this, the candles in the room lit themselves; his parents knew he wouldn’t have much time. “I hope you enjoyed this afternoon,” announced the King, “but I’m afraid I will have to ask all who are not friends, family, or those who live in this kingdom to leave.” Too late, one of the people who spoke foully about Antonio said the most horrible thing one could say to a person like him, “What a freak, sitting there acting like it’s his last day alive.” The prince, King, and Queen all heard this, and the latter two immediately looked at their son, ordering the servants to escort him to a ‘colder’ room, but Antonio had already set his hands on fire along with everything surrounding him. “Evacuate the kingdom! Get everyone out of here!”, was the first thing the King said, “The entire kingdom is going to burn to the ground!” The Queen protested, “What about our son!?” “It’s too late! We have to get everyone out of the kingdom!” As the castle is being evacuated, Antonio started walking to the very center of the castle, “They wish to see what I really am?! So be it, let them see the fire they have started!” Once he had reached the center, he unleashed the anger he had held back for his entire life, “Let them all BURN!” Just outside the kingdom, everyone had gathered on a cliff, watching as the castle was burning. Eyes go wide and jaws drop as, seconds later, the castle and the rest of the kingdom explodes into flames, the castle falls, and the Prince is seen floating in the air. Unlike anyone else there, the King and Queen were able to hear a whisper from a distance, and hear their son, “You know it’s too late; they have seen my true power. I can’t stay here, goodbye.” In a ball of fire, he vanishes.

Miles away, he reappeared in a wasteland. However, unlike other wastelands, this one has absolutely no signs of life, not even dead plants can be seen. “This is what they see me as, a ‘Heartless Monster’. It’s time to prove them wrong. There may not be anyone around to see this, but now I shall build my own kingdom with MY power!” He then slammed his fists into the ground, creating cracks in the earth. Within minutes, lava flowed through from the center of the earth, and he uses it to create a volcano around him. “This is where I shall contain and show my power,” but he knew there was more to build, “but now what about a castle to live in and a kingdom to rule?” Upon saying this, he commanded more lave to form buildings and his new castle, resembling the kingdom he once lived in. He also created pools and rivers made of lava, allowing bridges to form over them. As the heat drastically increased, he created more and more, even creating life: he willed fire to become flesh and cloth, creating his new subjects. Inside his new castle, he created it to his liking. Once his work had been finished, he looked at himself in a mirror, “I am no longer a prince, I am now a king: a King of Fire.” He then melted his crown in his hand and transformed his outfit; giving himself a black cloak, a black long jacket, black pants, black boots, a red inner shirt, and still wore the necklace he treasured. He went to a balcony to see his new kingdom, and his new subjects declared him their king. “I will keep the world out, I will not let my rage escape, and I won’t let anyone in.” With that, he ordered the only way into the mountain to be built and guarded at all times.

*For years he stayed inside his mountain, ruling a self sustaining kingdom and training himself to have complete control over his power as well as his anger. He even puts his physical power to the test, risking sudden death climbing up and down the walls of the volcano, even suffering pain beyond imagine by submerging himself completely in lava. However he eventually recognized that he had been only focusing on his speed, agility, and his will to continue on, so he began training himself to use a sword or a spear. However, he still thought that there would be someone that would come, and he believed that the world was only out to anger him. So he ordered scouts to go out in all directions to make sure there were no civilizations within a thousand mile radius of the volcano. However, Antonio did keep an eye on many kingdoms, including his old home’s reconstruction. Eventually he began to wonder to himself, “Will anyone, besides those who live in my kingdom, ever be able to love me like family?” But he would shortly deny the idea, saying to himself, “No, no one could possibly love me. They would sooner fear me because of my power. I could never be loved; I won’t let anyone into my heart.” Eventually, he had heard word, from the scouts he sent, that only one kingdom was within the boarders Antonio had set. “My lord,” began one of them, “we have found a kingdom exactly nine hundred miles from the mountain, and a hundred miles from the frozen mountains.” Their king was troubled upon hearing this, “What is this ‘kingdom’ you speak of?” “Arendelle, my lord.” He was all too familiar to the name, for he had heard his father talking about it for some time, “Does it pose a threat?” “No, my lord. They seem to be harmless; they shouldn’t trouble us too much.” But Antonio knew that looks could be deceiving, “Don’t judge by the looks of the kingdom, a great empire can fall by a simple act.” “Forgive me, my lord. We…” the man hesitated, but his King wanted to hear it, “Continue, what have you seen?” “Before leaving, one of ours saw one of the castle windows covered with ice.” His interests have been awakened for the first time in a long time, “Leave me.” Once he was alone, he looked into a mirror. Through his mirrors, he could see anything in the world whenever he wanted to. What he saw took his breath away, Arendelle had two princesses, but what was more astonishing was that one of them had the power to ‘control’ ice and snow. However, he also saw that she had fear. Through the air and into the castle, he heard her thoughts. She was afraid of harming the ones she loves, and of what the world would think of her if it found out that she had this power. After seeing what he did, Antonio smiled for the first time in almost four years; he now knew he was not the only one who had a power greater than ‘normal’ people. However, this also troubled him. He feared, if she discovered him, she would launch an assault on his kingdom, leading the charge with her power over the exact opposite of his own. So he decided to make a ‘visit’ to this kingdom. To attempt to hide himself in plain sight, he changed his attire. Plus, it was his twenty-first birthday. He decided to wear something that said ‘this represents my playful side’: black shoes, loose-legged black pants, black gloves, and a black hooded vest; he had still been wearing the necklace he treasured. He even decided to tie tread around three groups of hair, one going down his back while the other two were on each side of his face, and he cut the rest, but only short enough to still cover at least one eye. Antonio knew that his power would leak out of him into any nearby flame, so he had burned runes into his arms. Because he could rapidly heal, he burned the areas long enough to remain permanent marks. The pain was almost unbearable as it was not like what he had experienced before, but the runes allowed him to keep his power from flowing out, and to prevent others from sensing his power. Before he begins to climb the wall of the volcano, he says to himself, “It has been four years since I have seen, or have been seen by, people outside of this mountain. No one will recognize me, but at least I will be able to see the world once again. If only….” Before he finishes his sentence, Antonio begins to climb the wall. Within seconds he reaches the top and puts his hood up, “Time to see her power for myself.”

*The journey took several days to get to Arendelle, but Antonio got there in one piece. It was exactly what it looked like in the mirrors. He had his hood down as he thought that people wouldn’t recognize him anyways. Talk was going around, and everyone was restless, especially near the gates. He then saw someone he recognized, “Excuse me; are you the Duke of Weselton?” The man hesitated, but he answered, “Yes I am, and who are you?” Antonio was about to say his name, but he thought it best that, if anyone still recognized him, the less people who knew his true name the better, “My name is Atonixon Raxtebor.” “It’s nice to meet you. Now, what is it you want?” “What’s with all the talk?” The Duke was shocked, “You’re telling me you don’t know?! It is the coronation day of Princess Elsa of Arendelle.” “Does anyone know what the Princess looks like?” “Not to my knowledge as the gates have been closed for years, but they will be opening today. Ah, their opening right now! Nice talking with you, good day.” Antonio thought to himself, “Time to see her in person.” As he was walking towards the gate, he saw someone running from the gates, singing. “So that is the younger of the two,” Antonio assumed, “but why in the world is she singing?” He quickly forgot her, and proceeded inside the castle. Using what little time he had, he began to search the castle for any paintings of himself or of the soon to be Queen. He had no luck with anything that looked like the other princess he had seen through his mirrors; as he was about to give up on looking for anything of him, he found one. By the looks of it, the painting was one of many that were painted the day before his seventeenth birthday. While he was in mid thought, he heard a door begin to open. He hid behind a nearby door, and was looking through the crack. His visit to that hallway was rewarded; he saw the Princess he came to see, Elsa. She apparently stopped in front of the painting. Antonio whispered to himself, “Does she have the feeling someone has been there?” He started to get worried as she was about to open the door he was hiding behind, “She knows I’m here!” Before she was able to open the door, one of her servants reminded her that she has to go to the coronation, and they departed. He waited for a minute to make sure he would be able to get to the coronation undetected, and was able to get there before Elsa. He stood in a corner, watching instead of listening. He was waiting, “Come on, show me a sign that you truly have the power.” Minutes pass by, no sign of anything freezing. As he was about ready to leave the room, something catches his eye: the scepter and globus cruciger in her hands started to freeze over with ice before she placed them back down, and put her gloves back on. This pleased Antonio, “So, you do have the power I thought you had.”

After the coronation, Antonio decided to have an official encounter with the newly named Queen of Arendelle. It didn’t take long to find her, and he decided to start a conversation with her, “Congratulations on becoming Queen, Elsa of Arendelle; it is a pleasure to have met you in person.” She looked as if she was trying to figure out who he was, “Thank you, kind sir. Forgive me if I’m being rude, but I must ask: Who are you, and where do you come from?” Antonio hesitated, “My name is Atonixon Raxtebor, and I come from a kingdom exactly nine hundred miles from this kingdom.” “There is no kingdom within nine hundred miles from Arendelle; I want a name of the kingdom you come from.” He had no choice, Antonio knew that she knew he was lying about his name as well, “I originally come from la Estrella en Ascenso, but I do come from a ‘self sustaining’ kingdom exactly nine hundred miles from Arendelle.” Elsa apparently looked as if she almost knew who he was, but showed no other signs to confirm Antonio’s suspicions. Finally she said, “Are you aware of a tragedy that occurred over four years ago in that kingdom?” He knew what she was talking about, “The one where the entire kingdom was burned to the ground and the Prince vanished? I was there; the King had ordered the evacuation of the entire kingdom, but few people know why as the king denied the cause of the fire to be revealed.” “Do you know what started that fire?” “I am the Kings most trusted man. Yes, he told me.” “Then, could you tell me why?” “I can’t, I swore to him I wouldn’t tell anyone his secret.” Antonio’s suspicions were confirmed, “I know you have been lying to me. Tell me the truth now, and I will allow you to leave this kingdom with your life; even after having seen what I can do.” She wasn’t as brainless as Antonio would have liked to believe. Reluctantly, he told her, “The Prince was the cause of the fire.” “How is that so? How, where, and why did he start the fire?” “I will answer your questions in reverse order: He started it simply because he lost control of himself after he was made angry, he started the fire in the Throne Room, and he started it by simply commanding the fire to spread from his hands.” This troubled the Queen, “Are you saying that he could simply ‘control’ fire?!” “Exactly, he had this ability since he was born, and his parents separated him from his sister in fear she would be harmed.” “How do you know this?” Others had started to walk over to talk to Elsa, and Antonio had left her saying, “Like I said, I was there.”

Antonio had gone about his business, trying to update himself with what was going on in the world before he went back to the mountain. The world seemed to do fine without him, but he heard, from a representative from la Estrella en Ascenso, that his parents were still morning over him leaving them over four years ago. Through the talks, Antonio laughed, smiled, and enjoyed the time he spent; almost losing track of time. Eventually, he decided it was time to go, but he was stopped by hearing Elsa ordering the gates to be closed and that the party was over. He decided to stay a while longer as he knew what was about to happen, “At last, I will see the extent of her power; she probably can’t control it at will like I can.” Antonio heard everything that was being said, but he found most of it to be useless as information, except for Anna’s name. Based off what he heard, the two sisters were once close, but now Elsa chooses to shut people out. This reminded Antonio of himself as he shuts the world out, but for different reasons. Then something happens that makes his day: As Elsa said “I said enough!” a wall of ice had formed between her and everyone else. Antonio now smiled, “So, this is her power. Now they know as well.” He paid no attention to anyone else, Elsa was looking at him as he mouthed to her, “Now we share something in common.” When she made a run for it out of the castle, Antonio followed using a different route. By the time he saw her again, Elsa started running again after creating more ice. Antonio pursued her using the bridge, watching as she started turning the water to ice. However, he looked back to see what was happening to the kingdom once he had reached the other side of the bridge, Arendelle was starting to plunge into an eternal winter. He knew he had to return to the mountain, but decided to follow Elsa first. His smile grew larger, “I doubt that was the full extent of your power, Elsa the Snow Queen. I wish to see what more you can do!”

*As he expected, she went to the Snow Mountains, or as he learned other people called, the North Mountains. The place was nothing but snow, and because of the winter that Elsa has started, there was even more. If normal people were to go through this weather wearing what Antonio and Elsa were, they would freeze to death. However, due to his power, Antonio always felt warm. He assumed that, due to her power, Elsa was able to resist the cold as well. “Come on, show me the true extent of you power.” Antonio was waiting for her to do something, watching her from a ledge higher up the mountain they both were on. Instead of doing what Antonio was hoping for, Elsa started singing. This immediately started to annoy him, “Come on. Stop singing and do something.” Instead, he decided to listen to her. She apparently tried hard to keep in her fear and her power, and memories of Antonio’s past started to flood over his mind. He didn’t want to admit it at first, but he then believed that her present was his past. He snapped out of it after Elsa seemed to scream, turned out she had changed her look, crated a castle made of ice, and was done with her song. Once he was sure that she couldn’t see him, he climbed down from the ledge, and started walking towards the staircase. As he walked up the stairs, he was less and less impressed. He knew that the time used to create all this took the same amount of time it took to build his kingdom. Once he was at the castle doors, he didn’t bother knocking; he went inside whether he was welcome of not. When he entered the castle, he was further disappointed; there wasn’t much to see or any place to hide. The inside had two staircases that lead to a room above the one he was in, “May as well call this a tower instead of a castle.” He started walking up the staircase that leads to the right of the room above him, but he heard Elsa coming down the other way. He went up the stairs as fast as he could, but she saw him, “Hey! Stop right there!” Antonio didn’t stop; he was heading to the balcony he saw earlier before entering the ‘tower’. Elsa gave chase, but in the same direction he was going instead of going the way she came. By the time she got into the room, Antonio was already on the balcony just outside the doors. “If you’re trying to hide, it’s in vain.” She then used her power to open the doors, “Why are you following me? What did I ever do to you?” Antonio said nothing; he seemed to be looking at a source of light, but it wasn’t the sun. Elsa tried again, “Fine then, tell me the truth; who are you really?” He broke his silence, “I did tell you I was there when the fire started, didn’t I?” “Yes, but who are you?” Antonio paused for a moment, “That day was my birthday, and a day I might never forget. The fire started because I couldn’t control it. Once they all knew the power I possessed, I fled to the land of desolation just north from Arendelle. The time it took you to create what you just did, was the same time I used to create my kingdom. Because I had stayed inside my volcano for over four years, I forgot how the world was. I isolated myself, and only had the people I created. One does not know how it feels to be alone until one is alone for the time I was alone. However, in my lonesome I trained myself to control my anger and my fire. I learned to grow faster, more agile, and survive longer. I can resist pain up to a surtin point because of the pain I felt by completely submerging myself in molten rock. I trained myself to use weapons to make up for my lack in physical strength.” “Enough! Just tell me your name!” “So, you still don’t know? I thought you would have realized when you saw the door was creaked open across the hall from the painting of me.” Elsa thought for a moment, then it hit her, “You’re the lost prince!” “Correct, but it seems you still don’t know my name.” “Unfortunately, I don’t.” Antonio laughed a bit, “Then allow me to properly introduce myself: My name is Antonio Andrew Fénix Barreto, the Fire King; former Prince of la Estrella en Ascenso.” Her face lit up once she heard the name, she apparently knew the name. Antonio was puzzled, “What does my name mean to you?” “When I was fifteen years of age, I was told by my parents I was to marry a man with that exact name. It was all arranged, but what they didn’t expect was your disappearance” Antonio thought she was lying, “I was never told of this, how do I know that you are telling me the truth?” “Just ask your parents.” Antonio knew the storm would only get worse; he had to get back to his kingdom. So he decided to leave her with one final thing to say, “You describe yourself as a ‘storm’, right?” “Yes.” “I say: If you are a storm, I am an inferno!” With that, he vanished in a flash of fire; leaving Elsa wondering, “Is that his reason for staying away for people?”

*Over a year, Antonio had started an internal war against himself. He didn’t know how, but his inner anger had started trying to take control over him. He spent his time trying to find was to ether contain it or to expel it, but it seemed to be in vain. He continued watching Elsa after his last ‘encounter’ with her, then one day he thought, “Did that last talk trigger something inside me?” He kept this in mind, thinking that was what had started what was happening to him. However, he knew he couldn’t hold it much longer, for the more he held it back, the more it grew. One week from his twenty second birthday, he found a solution, “If I can’t get rid of it, I may as well use it.” Over that week, he trained himself to control his anger, manipulating it so he could only use it in battle or when he was about to use his power. By the time he was twenty two years old, he had mastered his own rage. His final decision was that he would only use his anger during battle, or when his life was being threatened. But this still didn’t stop his anger from trying to take control, as this wasn’t enough. So he decided that if he were to create something meant for destruction, he would use his anger. However, the next day he found a way to both contain and expel his inner anger, and only use it whenever he wished. Antonio created a cage that only he could lock or unlock, made his anger another entity, and placed it inside the cage; locking it inside. However, after placing his ‘dark self’ inside the cage, he found that it wouldn’t keep it in for long; He had to find a way to destroy it. Then, he remembered Elsa. He found a solution within seconds, “if I am correct, she will be stronger than last we met. I don’t believe she will willingly help me, so I’ll have to set up a situation; she will have to be convinced I attacked her kingdom. When she begins to assault me, I will swap myself with my ‘dark self’, and when she has weakened him enough; I will deal the finishing blow. However, I’ll have to make sure ‘he’ is weaker than her when they meet.” As Antonio went to execute his plan, his hatred had materialized itself and looked exactly like him. However, Dark Antonio: had long dark brown hair, wore black pants, wore black boots, wore a black armored glove on his right hand, wore a black vest, wore a black sleeveless long jacket, wore a black and red belt around his waist, had black armor on the front of his legs, and had armor going down his entire right arm with fingers ending in claws. Shortly after he had attained his new form, Dark Antonio said his first words, “It is time to do that which my original had plenty of time to do, time to burn the world!” With having said that, he destroyed his cage. He then recalled what his original had said, “Well, looks like your plans for me have been terminated. I am now in control if my own form and you only have what little rage you wish to draw upon whenever you wish, but soon you will be the one who doesn’t exist!” Having said his mind, he vanished into shadow and flame. As for Antonio, he begins a second journey to Arendelle; this time, he gets there within a day.

It has been exactly one year since her coronation, and Elsa has not yet taken any interest in finding a king. However, she personally doesn’t want to go much longer without one, so she decided she would try and see who she could find. Earlier in the year, she sent out invitations to many kingdoms, including la Estrella en Ascenso, to come help her decide who could become the future ruler of Arendelle alongside her. Today was the day they would all arrive, and she was getting nervous. She didn’t know if she would find the right one, or she would reject them all. For all she knew, some of them might not come or might try to take her life, but something was troubling her. She wasn’t sure why, but she felt as if something terribly was about to happen, or something bad enough has already happened. However, she had a fraction of this feeling ever since her last encounter with Antonio. “Elsa, are you in there?” She had gone deep into thought and was startled by her sister. She opened the door, “What is it, Anna?” “They’re here.” “I was expecting them later, where are they?” “They’re all in the court yard, but not many have shown from the amount you sent for.” As they started walking towards the court yard, Elsa said, “I have the feeling something terrible is about to happen.” “Aw, you’re just nervous, what could possibly go wrong?” Elsa knew whenever someone said that, almost everything went wrong.

*Antonio had reached Arendelle within the day, and was waiting for Elsa to come out of the castle. During his wait, he meditated to further take control over his emotions while coming up with a full plan as to how he would destroy his new dark self using her. Eventually, he sensed Elsa came out of the castle, and was about to attack. However, something was wrong; darkness was in the area. Antonio turned around, but then everything went black. When Antonio re-awoke, he was in chains; suspended in mid air. He looked around, but all he saw was darkness. He tried harder, and saw images showing in front of him. Then he knew where he was, “He has trapped me in my own heart and has taken over my body.” He knew no one was safe.

Elsa and Anna had many conversations with Anna on their way to the court yard, but memories of Antonio started to flash in Elsa’s mind. She didn’t know what to make of them, so she disregarded them. Elsa and Anna eventually reached the court yard, but only 17 people where there: three from France, four from England, two from the nearest kingdom, three from Spain, and five from la Estrella en Ascenso. Among them, there were only four princes. However, Elsa recognized the family without a prince; the five from la Estrella en Ascenso had two guards, the King, the Queen, and the princess. She decided to talk with them, “Anna, thank you for walking with me.” Anna left after saying, “Any time.” Elsa started walking towards the family, “Good morning. How is your kingdom?” The King had a happy look, but also seemed sad with his voice, “We have been able to fully rebuild what was lost many years ago, but some things can’t be replaced.” He cut himself of before saying anything more. The Queen explained, “The loss of our son has devastated him; he hasn’t been the same since he left us.” The King apparently was able to pull himself together, “I’m fine, it’s just...” He cut himself off, He was listening for something; he was on alert, “Did you hear that?” Elsa didn’t hear anything, “Hear what?” The Queen confirmed him, “I heard it too.” The princess protested, “I didn’t hear anything.” Then, the king saw something, “There! On that cliff! It has gotten brighter!” Everyone started looking to where the King was pointing, but what they saw horrified the King and Queen: A massive ball of fire was flying towards the court yard.

Antonio watched in disbelief as he saw his darkness begin to set the entire kingdom on fire. He started to scream, “No! Don’t do this! Don’t harm them!” However, the more Antonio protested, the more pain he had to endure from the chains. Over and over, he was subjected to pain a normal human would otherwise be unable to survive. Despite the torment, he continued to plead, “Stop! Don’t do this! You can’t harm them! Destroy me instead!” Then, a voice filled with dark power answered him, “You care for them. You want me to just ‘end’ the both of us. There is no point to that, the pain and anger you feel only makes me stronger. Now watch as the entire kingdom burns to the grown!” Antonio watched in horror as what the voice said he would do was done. Houses where going to ruin, people were running around in chaos, lives were taken; despite all he could do, he was powerless in his situation. He even saw Elsa trying to put out the fires, but it was in vein. After two guards were killed, Antonio recognized them to be from his old home, “NO! NOT THEM! NOT MY FAMILY!” With all his strength, he pulled on the chains. As a result, he was further exposed to pain. Antonio continues till the chains the wrapped around his legs broke. He tried again, “You will NOT hurt my family! You will not cause any more harm to anyone!” As his darkness was about to snap the necks of Antonio’s family, it stopped. Then the flames around the kingdom began to fade away before everything was completely burned. When he thought it was almost over, his darkness killed everyone who was not from the kingdom, but spared his family. Next thing he knew, Antonio was attacked with double the pain, causing him to want to further break free from his prison. Once he had broken another chain, he started dangling from the last chain. As he started to climb it, the pain started depriving him of energy. Once he had reached a wall, He use what strength he had left to break the final chain. The last thing he saw before falling was Elsa freezing his darkness in a block of ice. After that, the ice shattered along with his darkness, and Antonio’s vision. He started falling into endless darkness, but then a light started to shine in front of him; he then started falling out of the sky, into the waters of Arendelle below him. The last thing he saw was water all around him before losing consciousness.

*“Where am I?” Antonio was now in the dream world; he was in a white room the size of a ball room. He was the only one in the room. He tried to look through the windows behind the curtains, but all he saw was light. He tried to open the doors, but they were all locked. Antonio tried to burn his way out, but no fire came. Then he remembered what had happened, “Am I dead?” Unexpectedly, a man from behind him answered, “No, you are currently asleep.” Antonio turned to look at the man, but the man was covered win white robes and wore a white mask. The man continued, “I have brought you here so I can talk to you.” “Well, I’m here, what is it you want?” “First tell me, what are the last moments you remember?” “I was falling, into darkness. There was no sound, no light; just me falling. I thought I was lost, but then I saw a light in front of me. Next thing I knew, I was falling from the sky. The very last thing I remember was water, everywhere.” “Do you know why or how you came back from the darkness?” Antonio started to ponder over it, “Now that I think about it, I don’t.” “It was I who brought you back. I still see potential in you for good.” Then, Antonio thought he heard something about the man’s voice that was familiar, “Sir, I think I heard your voice before. Please, tell me who you are so I might remember.” “I am he who willingly gave his life so that all could live.” Upon hearing this, Antonio fell to his knees, “It is you! My lord, forgive me. I couldn’t control it, I know what I had done was wrong. Take my life if it will make amends for the wrongs in my life.” However, the man said, “Antonio, your wrongs have already been forgiven before they were done. It is up to you if you will accept it.” Antonio fell on all fours, “What if I don’t think I’m ready?” “Then give it some time, come back to me when you have reached a decision. Remember, you are not alone and you are always loved.” Light started to blind Antonio.

Antonio awoke, he found himself in a prison. However, this wasn’t an ordinary prison, everything was covered in ice and snow; the chains he wore where made of solid ice, and connected to the farthest wall from the door. He tried to break free, but the chains where too strong for him. He assumed he was still recovering from his fall. Then, through the door came his father, “Oh, my son! You’re finally awake!” The King threw his arms around Antonio, “we thought you would never wake up!” Antonio was confused, “How long was I asleep?” The King looked at Antonio as if he should have known, “You have been unconscious for a year. But that doesn’t matter now, you safe and you can come back home with us.” Antonio was in disbelief, “A year?  It seemed like only a few seconds.” Then he decided to respond to his father’s last statement, “I’m sorry father, but I can’t go with you.” The king was confused and sad, “You belong with your family; you belong with us.” “I say yes and no, father. Yes I belong with family, but I no longer belong with you. I have my own kingdom; they need me as I need them.” “But you don’t have a kingdom, you haven’t taken any from anyone or I would have known.” “That’s what you don’t know, father. I created my own kingdom using my power, I created a volcano, a village, a castle, and I created life. I am a king now; no longer a prince. Tell Elsa to let me go, and I will stay in my kingdom for the rest of my days, not causing any more trouble to the world.” “No, I don’t want to lose you again. Even if I did ask her, she knows you are too dangerous. She would not let you escape, that’s why she built this room; she made it to restrain your powers and contain you.” “Who told her that this kind of prison would hold me?” The King hesitated, “Your mother and I told her, we didn’t think she would imprison you” Antonio felt betrayed, “I trusted you all these years, only to find out you had helped imprison me?!” “Antonio, calm down…” “NO! It’s obvious the world will never change; now I know the only place I belong is in my volcano!” What the king didn’t notice was the chains and wall behind Antonio where starting to melt and break, “Please, don’t think that, I love you.” “If you did, you would have let me go.”, having said that, Antonio destroyed the wall and chains, and started running back to his kingdom.

The King couldn’t believe what he heard; his son didn’t want him anymore. Minutes later, Elsa came in with some guards, the Queen, his daughter, and Anna. Elsa was the first to speak, “What happened? Are you all right?” The King, still in disbelief, managed to say, “He’s gone. He doesn’t want to come back. I have failed him as a father.” Anna didn’t know what to think, “Elsa, what are you going to do?” Her answer was simple, “I’m going to bring him back, I will have a stronger prison for him. He is a grave threat to the world, and to us.” Normally, Princess Amelia wouldn’t say anything unless she was speaking to her parents; she decided to speak her mind, “Don’t you dare hurt him! If you do bring him back, bring him to me.” Everyone was in shock that she spoke, but eventually Elsa responded, “Why would I bring the most dangerous man in existence to you?” Immediately, Amelia answered, “I have gained a power while no one was looking; I now have the power over water. I have been practicing when I asked to be alone because I want to meet my older brother officially. I will be able to restrain his power.” “If that’s true, why didn’t you stop him when he was burning my kingdom?!” “I was not yet ready to reveal my power, and that wasn’t my brother that was destroying everything around him; it was his darkness that killed all those people.” The king spoke before the argument continued, “Stop fighting! I just want to see my son again.” Elsa agreed, “I will personally go to this ‘volcano’ myself.” Amelia immediately protested, “I don’t trust you, I am going with you to make sure no harm comes to my brother.” Anna was excited, “I’ll come alone too!” Elsa protested, “Not this time Anna, it’s too dangerous.” Anna countered, “It was the same thing when I went looking for you two years ago, how bad could it really be?”

*By the time they had reached the North Mountains, Antonio had already made it to his Volcano. He was constantly pacing back and forth in his meditation chamber. Then he decided to stop, and sit on the floor with his legs crossed. He closed his eyes, and tried to communicate to the person he had talked to through a dream, “Are you there?” He answered, “I am always with you wherever you go.” “Do you mind me asking a few questions?” “I will provide the answer.” “Am I truly free from myself?” “That is for you to decide. It is the same with the dark; it is your choice to decide if you will use it. There is also the light, and it is also your choice if you wish to use it.” “Is it possible o destroy the darkness?” “Yes, but that won’t be until you are with me. Only when you are with me and my father will you be made perfect.” “So should I accept it until the day comes?” “You have to accept that it is there, but you don’t have to accept it entirely. Let the Spirit be your guide and you will go where you need to be.” “I understand, I will listen as closely as I am able.” “I thought you should know, you have more power than you think you have. Your sister was born with power over water, as were you.” “What? I have always thought I was born with power over fire, how is it I can also control water?” “It is more than just water; you have a hidden power sleeping within you. Only when you are worthy of it will it be unlocked.” “How will I know when I am worth?” “You will know when the time comes.” “Thanks for talking with me.” I will listen whenever you need me. I think you should know, Elsa, Anna, and your Sister are coming.” As the conversation ended, Antonio tried to create water. It took a few minutes of concentration to create it, but within an hour he had mastered control over water. Then a thought came to mind, “Maybe I can make my kingdom stronger with both water and fire.” He first experimented by changing some of the lava to water, and dividing the water from the lava that remained. To keep the heat from evaporating the water, he made it as cold as the lava was hot; this balanced the temperature, keeping the water from disappearing and the lava from solidifying. He then thought that because he now has full control of water, he would change himself again.  This time, he wore black boots, blue-baggy pants, a red-long sleeved shirt, a blue sleeveless long-jacket, and a red scarf. He had cut off the longer strands of hair, and continued to wear the same necklace. However, He this time wanted a crown. He had kept the gold from the crown he had melted, and decided to reform it. However, he could not recover the gems, so he replaced them with sapphires. He then went out to the balcony; ordering, “If anyone should enter the kingdom, they are to be escorted to my training room immediately. If they should resist, use this power.” He infused the power of both fire and water into thirteen on his most loyal subjects, ordering them to standby if resistance should come. After the orders where being carried out, Antonio went to his training room. Once he was there, he created a throne; he began to wait on the throne for Elsa and the others to come, “If I am to go down, it will be in flames.”

*Before the sun began to set, Elsa, Ana, and Amelia had reached the gates at the base of the volcano. Anna was impressed, “This place is amazing.” Elsa tried to take it off her sister’s mind, “Remember why we are here, we have no time to look at this.” Amelia taunted, “I bet this is more than what you have done in the past.” Elsa ignored the comment, and was about to break down the doors when they began to open. Anna was starting to get excited, “Look like he’s expecting us.” A man stood at the entrance, “My king summons you to his chambers; he has ordered you are to go there immediately. If you should resist, it will be met with appropriate force for your ‘talents’.” They dismounted the horses they rode, and followed their escort into the volcano. As soon as they had gotten inside, they were in awe; the inside of the volcano was unlike anything they could have imagined. Amelia was the first to manage to say something, “I never knew that he was capable of this; he has created a kingdom out of nothing!” Anna also managed to speak, “This place can take your breath away, and wow is it hot in here!” The escort replied, “We are use to is as we were born out of the fire our king used to create life, we are now stronger because of a power he has recently discovered.” Elsa was curious, “What ‘power’ has he now?” He was against what she said, “It is not my place to tell you. If you wish to know, ask him yourself.” Once they had reached the castle, Amelia then recognized the kingdom, “This place is similar to my home, even the castle looks the same.” Once they were inside the castle, they were further amazed; Elsa was still not impressed. Eventually, they stopped at a door, “My king will see you now.” The door opened, and they were forced inside; the door closed behind them. Despite their best efforts, nothing worked. From the darkness of the room, a familiar voice spoke, “Welcome to my kingdom, I hope you like it; I made it myself. However, you don’t look very impressed, are you Elsa, the Snow Queen?” Elsa immediately countered, “At least I’m not the coward that hides in the shadows.” With that, the torches in the room lit themselves, “Who is the coward: The one who is reluctant to come into my kingdom or the one who invites his former captor? I see you like the place, Anna; Princess of Arendelle. Then there is you sister, born with the powers of water; the polar opposite of my power over fire.” Amelia was caught off guard, “How did you know? No one was around to have seen me use that power!” Antonio simply answered in a riddle, “I know you have that power because I was told I have the same thing.” Anna was confused, “A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would do.” He was annoyed by the response, “Yes.” Elsa was further annoyed, “Yes what?” The heat in the room began to increase, “I have the same power, and I have mastered it.” After he said this, Elsa challenged him, “How is it you are born with power over both fire and water? It’s not possible.” Water began to enter the room through the walls; Amelia knew the answer, “Because water is his peace while his flame is his rage.” Antonio destroyed the idea, “That is where you’re wrong; Power over water has always been in our family’s history but this power skips thirteen generations, which is how we have this power. Fire is the power I was born with, something not associated with our family.  I have water by heritage and fire by chance.” Anna wanted answers, “Why did you leave after you burned your home to the ground?” He hesitated, “I left my ‘former’ home because I knew others would not accept me. Because people usually stay away from a volcano, I have lived here for the years I was not anywhere else. It was here I created my life, and I will not…” he cut himself off, then said, “Elsa, I know you have come to end me; Anna, I know you have come for an adventure; Amelia, I know you have come to protect me from Elsa: However, I stand alone.” Elsa acted, “If that’s the case, stay in your ‘kingdom’ forever!” She caused ice to from fast to try and impale Antonio, but the ice melted when it reached arms length, “I won’t be taken down so easily; if it’s a fight you want, it’s what you will get! Let the battle of fire with water against ice with water begin!”

*On multiple occasions, Elsa tried to impale Antonio with her ice; ether Amelia blocked the attack by heating the ice to water, or Antonio melted it.  Elsa’s strategy was simple: kill Antonio. However, this seemed to fail every single time. Amelia’s strategy was to encase Antonio in water and have Elsa freeze the water, but she was so far unsuccessful to encase the water around him. Antonio’s strategy was to simply defend himself from all attacks while try to subdue both Elsa and Amelia. Eventually, Anna was almost burned, so Elsa changed strategies so she would not only try to end Antonio, but also protect Anna. As time went on, the throne was destroyed and the walls went to ruin. The voice had spoken to Antonio, “The end is coming, choose your decision wisely.” With that, Antonio ran out the room towards the throne room, followed by Elsa, Amelia, and then Anna. As they all raced down the hall, blows were exchanged between Antonio with Amelia and Elsa, resulting in a path of destruction. When Antonio had reached the door to the throne room, a blast of ice came from behind and he was sent flying towards the throne; ending up standing on the throne. Antonio was not happy, “No holding back any more!” Elsa was surprised, “You mean it has been easy because you have been holding back?” Anna couldn’t help herself, “He is braver than I thought.” Elsa gave Anna a look that said ‘don’t say anything’. Amelia challenged her brother, “Then show us your full strength, Antonio.” He smiled, “As you wish.” The heat in the room intensified, as did any existing flames in the room. To make things worse for the three, Antonio summoned a wall of fire surrounding the room, preventing anyone from leaving. What surprised Elsa and Amelia further; Antonio had summoned two cutlasses created from fire into his hands, twirled them a bit, and then took a stance that signaled to them he was ready. However, what he didn’t expect was Elsa summoning a rapier made of ice to her right hand, and his sister summoning a staff created from water to her right hand. This, however, didn’t faze him at all, and he charged at them with his blades dragging on the floor behind him. He was going faster and faster, while Elsa and Amelia had less and less time to react to Antonio’s onslaught. Eventually, Elsa managed to slow him down, but this caused a pillar starting to fall. What Antonio noticed was that his sister was in its path. The voice echoed though his head, “The end in near, choose your decision wisely.” Antonio knew what he had to do. He let go of his blades and started running towards Amelia, and pushed her out of the way. When the pillar hit him, an explosion of fire came from Antonio; Elsa, Amelia, and Anna looked away. When the flames vanished and the temperature began to drop back down, they looked at the fallen pillar; all that was underneath the pillar was a pile of ashes. Elsa saw no reason to stay any longer, “We are leaving.” Anna noticed Amelia in shock, “Are you ok?” Amelia could barely speak, “He risked himself for me. I looked for him, and now he’s gone.” Elsa insisted this time, “We are leaving now. Anna, let’s go.” Anna followed her sister; she worried for Amelia.

*The nephew was curious, “He didn’t die, did he? He couldn’t have.” The niece agreed, “It can’t be the end!” Tonio already had something to say, “Most of the time, the story is told simply like that. However, it doesn’t tell the last part.” They asked together, “What happened next?” Tonio didn’t hesitate, “Antonio was still alive, but was barely hanging on. He used enough strength to reform his hand from the ashes to try and get his sister’s attention. She, of course, noticed the hand, and used her power to bring him back. Before he had regained conciseness, she left. Elsa found out he was still alive, and went back to the throne room. Amelia tried to stopper, but when Elsa got to the throne room; no one was there.” The niece was confused, “What happened to Antonio?” Tonio somewhat hesitated, “To this day, no one knows where he went. Some say he died, some say he was unable to regain himself; what really happened was he went into hiding, never to be seen again.” The nephew was curious, “Is he still alive?” Tonio looked as if he were emotionless when he answered, “No one knows. If they knew where he went, they would know if he is alive. Oh, look at the hour; time to go to sleep.” As they were getting to bed, they asked, “When are you coming back?” Tonio had a smile, but looked sad, “Not for a while, I have to get back home to take care of some things. I promise I’ll be back for your Birthday.” The twins smiled, “we know you never break your promises.” Antonio turned off the light, “Good night.” They covered themselves with their blankets, “Good night, see you in three months.”

As Tonio was about ready to leave, someone came into the living room, “Leaving without saying goodbye, brother?” Antonio turned to see his sister, “Sorry, I thought you were sleeping, Mia.” They hugged each other, and then Tonio reached for his coat. Mia was worried, “do you really have to go again? I hardly get to see you anymore. I don’t want it to be like before.” Tonio reassured her, “Yo know she is looking for me. I have to keep moving if I don’t want to be found.” As he started putting on the coat with a hood, the cloths he was wearing turned black; he let his necklace with a flame engraved drop out of his coat. Mia looked at it, “Pease come back soon, I miss you.” Tonio smiled, “You know I never break a promise.” Mia smiled too, “I know, see you in three months.” As Tonio was about to open the door, he asked Mia, “How long has it been since I called you by your real name?” Mia replied, “Over a hundred years ago.” Tonio put up hit hood, “Until next time, Amelia.” With that, he closed the door behind him. Amelia whispered, “See you soon, Antonio.”

Antonio started walking past the fence of his sister’s house, when he noticed it started to freeze over. It was almost winter but nothing should be freezing as fast as the fence did. Antonio then noticed snow begin to fall. As he looked at each individual flake, he noticed one of them looked familiar; the signature snow flake of the Snow Queen. He knew she was need, along with another ‘currently invisible’ person. Antonio looked sad, “Time to return home.” In a flash of fire, He vanished.


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