Naturally Trivia is the section that contains fun or useful information that doesn't fit anywhere else. Like a spare information.

Historically there were informations of vayring quality put in there from interesting and verified bits to obvious or questionable informations.

This brings up the question I want to ask "What information is worthy to be included?".

Here's my list of what I think is Trivia about in terms of presented information:

  • Information that is not in focus, like something that was just randomly mentioned and isn't important for the story of a movie/book.
  • Proven and easily verifiable information. Trivia should not contain information that's either speculation or that is from a speculating source. Also anything that is not from a movie should be referenced with reasonable precision so that anyone can easily verify.
    • Referencing should be done using the <ref></ref> tags and not be part of the entry.
    • Links should have a name to show where they lead. Not just a pasted URL.
  • Information should not be generic, like something about a whole book unless it supports something more specific. This is kinda covered by the first point as well but I want to mention this explicitly as well.
    • Example is that Anna had nightmares about a giant wolf as a child. This would normally not be part of a Trivia because it's obvious when reading Frozen II: Forest of Shadows but it supports a more specific statement about Anna starting to have nightmares after the accident in the great hall which wouldn't make much sense without it.

These are my thoughts on this and recent events surrounding it. Please let me know your thoughts on how a Trivia should or shouldn't look like.

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