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"We Know Better" is a deleted song written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and sung by their two daughters (playing young Elsa and Anna) for the 2013 Disney animated film, Frozen.


Robert Lopez: Hi I'm Robert Lopez.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez: ...and I'm Kristen Anderson-Lopez and we are the song writers from the movie Frozen.

Robert Lopez: And we're super excited to share with you some of the songs we wrote for the movie that didn't make it into the movie

Kristen Anderson-Lopez: The next songs you're going to hear are all demos, recorded at our own house, with our own voices...

Robert Lopez: And the voices of our children.

Kristen Anderson-Lopez: This next song is the first song we wrote for the project, and we had fun writing a song for two little rebellious princesses.

Robert Lopez: This is just the first half of it, it starts off where Anna is a baby and Elsa is four years old. It's called "We Know Better".


First half

Elsa: Hello, little baby
You’re princess just like me
But you’re thinking maybe it’s a pretty cool thing to be
But soon you’ll see that everyone expects a lot from you
They’ll say that there are things a princess should and shouldn't do
But you and me
We, we know better

Elsa and Anna: One, two three, together, clap together, snap together
You and me together, knees together, freeze together
Up or down together, princess crown together
Always be together, you and me

One, two, three, together, clap together, snap together
You and me together, knees together, freeze together
Up or down together, princess crown together
Always be together, you and me

Elsa: They say a princess is full of charm and grace
They say she always knows her place
They say a princess wears pink and frilly clothes
They say she never laughs or snorts milk out her nose
They say she’s calm, they say she’s kind
They say she never speaks her mind or freezes Nanny’s big behind!

Both: But you and me
We, we know better

Nanny: You girls are in so much trouble when I tell your father and mother!

Anna: How come you can do that and I can’t?

Elsa: I don’t know, I wish you could though...

Elsa: They say a princess is super duper sweet

Anna: She doesn't fight
She doesn't sweat

Both: And you never see her eat

Anna: They say a princess doesn't climb and scrape her knee

Elsa: They say a princess wouldn't freeze her tutor’s teeth!

Anna: They say she’s poised

Elsa: They say she’s fair

Both: She never mentions underwear!

Anna: Or longs to see the world out there!

Both: But you and me
We, have big ideas of our own
For the distance someday when we’re grown

Elsa: When I’m Queen

Anna: And I’m your right hand

Elsa: You’ll get to travel

Both: Throughout the land

Anna: I’ll tell them about my sister and the magic things she can do

Elsa: We’ll take care of our people and they will love

Both: Me and you!
No one can tell us what a princess should be
As long as we’re together
You and me

Second half

Female townsperson 1: They say the princess, has strange and freak-ish powers.

Male townsperson 2: They say she conjures ice and snow within the castle hours!

Male townsperson 3: They say that she was born amidst a hurricane of ice.

Female townsperson 4: That's why her heart is frozen.

Male townsperson 5: But the sister's really nice.

Male townsperson 6: But Elsa's cold.

Female townsperson 7: And awfully bold.

Male and female townsperson 8 and 9: What's more she cannot be controlled.

Lots of townspeople: She'll be our Queen or so we're told. (Under their breath) But we know better.

Queen: Anna, if you love your sister, you're going to have to lead by example.

King: The kingdom is relying on you.

Anna: Yes, Father.

King: Your sister is your burden as well.

Elsa: They say a princess learns elegance in school

Teacher: Chin up, eyes bright!

Elsa: She's trains in etiquette and follows every rule.

Anna: Spoon on the right...

Elsa: They teach a princess to

Elsa and Anna: (reciting like drones) "Copy word for word..."

Elsa: They teach a princess to 

Both: (reciting like drones) "Be seen and never heard."

Elsa: They say she doesn't dare or dream
They say she doesn't plan or scheme or go to any big extreme to reunite a princess team.
But you and me...

Both: We... whoa! (almost crash into each other)
We... know better!

Female friend: Hey, Anna!

Male friend: C'mon.

Female friend: Join us!

Elsa (age 18): Oh, great. (Sighing)

Anna (age 15): Elsa, please?
Try to be friendly
Just smile and say hi.
Don't be defensive and look them in the eye.

Elsa: (whispering) These kids are jerks.

Anna: I know it's hard but your temper makes it worse. They don't understand your gift.

Elsa: Yeah, they think it's a curse.

Anna: (sigh)

Elsa: They want me to stay mild and meek. I'm suppose to turn the other cheek, but if one more kid calls me a...
Wait for it...


(Elsa snow-blasts the boy)

Anna: Elsa, what did you do? (speaking to the kid) I'm so sorry!
(Under her breath to Elsa) You should know better.


Anna (age 19): They say a princess one day will meet her prince.
She must enhance her beauty.

Elsa (age 22): And maybe try some mints.

Anna: (Hmm) they say he'll have royal blood in every vein, with noble brow and chiseled face.

Elsa: And microscopic brain.

Anna: They say he'll come along one day.

Elsa: With royal inbred D.N.A.

Anna: And change your life in every way.

Elsa (alone): But you and me...

(musical answer only)

We know better.

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