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The Winter holidays was celebrated for the first time since the opening of the gates in Arendelle in a grand fashion. It involved Elsa and Anna throwing a surprise party for the citizens of Arendelle, and Olaf going on a quest with Sven to find a tradition for Elsa and Anna.

One of the biggest events of the day involved the ringing of the Yule Bell at noon.


Opening of the day

Olaf could not wait for the holidays to begin. Elsa reminded him that this would only happen with the tolling of the Yule bell.

The citizens gathered in the courtyard for the ringing of the Yule bell. Once everyone was assembled Sven pulled the bell into the courtyard with Kristoff at his side. The bell was then hoisted into position on the castle, where, at noon, Elsa, Anna and Olaf rung it.

Quest for a tradition

Olaf went to see Sven in the stables, where he shared his idea of bringing back the best family tradition they could find to Anna and Elsa.

Olaf set out with Sven to ask the citizens about their own traditions

Search for Olaf

Sven returned to the castle, where he frantically tried to mime to Kristoff what had happened to Olaf. Confused by what the reindeer was trying to tell, him Elsa and Anna were on hand to interpret exactly what Sven was saying. The group then assembled a search party to venture up into the forest surrounding the kingdom to look For Olaf.

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