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The wolves reside in a forest outside of Arendelle, where they came into conflict with Kristoff, Anna, and Sven.


When Anna headed out into the mountains to look for Elsa and reached the forest area, a wolf howled, unsettling the princess.

As Sven, Kristoff, and Anna made their way through the forest at night, a pack of wolves pursued the trio and peered at their quarry through the dark. After Kristoff realized the threat and had Sven run away, the wolves gave chase, managing to keep pace with the reindeer. Though they attacked the sled vigorously, the wolves faced a stalwart defense from the combined efforts of Kristoff and Anna. Even so, one wolf managed to surprise Kristoff and pulled the ice harvester from the sled.

With Kristoff being helplessly dragged along by the sled, more wolves attacked him, biting at his legs. The wolves ceased their assault after Anna tossed a burning bundle to fend them off, but undeterred, they continued to give chase. However, the wolves ultimately lost their quarry, as Sven, Anna, and Kristoff managed to clear a gorge. Unable to reach the other side, the wolves stood snarling at the trio.

When Olaf became lost in the forest after searching for traditions, the wolves ambushed him. They pursued Olaf through a thick part of forest before he managed to escape through an opening, where the wolves could not follow him.


The wolves are formidable predators who incorporate stealth, speed, and precision in their attacks. They hid under the cover of darkness while pursuing Kristoff's sled, and after revealing themselves, they were able to keep pace with Sven. During their assault on the sled, the wolves coordinated a series of strikes, finally managing to separate Kristoff from the vehicle.




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